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Cane Grasses of Florida - An Identification Guide

Plants of Retention Ponds and Drainage Ditches: The Greater Daytona Beach Area

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New Additions to the FLEPPC 2013 List of Invasive Species - Wildland Weeds Spring 2014 - Suppl 1 - ONLINE ONLY

The UF/IFAS Assessment of Nonnative Plants in Florida's Natural Areas: History, Purpose, and Use

Florida CISMAs and FWC Upland Invasive Plant Management Working Groups - What's the Difference? By K. Serbesoff-King and L. King - Wildland Weeds Spring 2014 - Suppl 2 - ONLINE ONLY

Mexican-petunia (Ruellia simplex) invasions: management challenges and research opportunities

Ficaria verna quietly naturalizing in the Southeast

Identification and Biology of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas

Identification and Biology of Non-Native Plants in Florida's Natural Areas, Second Edition
by K.A. Langeland, H.M. Cherry, C.M. McCormick, and K.A. Craddock Burks (2008)
UF/IFAS Publication # SP 257

Help Protect Florida's Natural Areas from Non-Native Invasive Plants by K.A. Langeland

Florida FWC Invasive Plant Research & Outreach Program Newsletter

Guidelines for Disposal of Terrestrial Invasive Plants

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Australian Pine Management Plan

Air Potato Management Plant - Second Edition 2014

Lygodium  Management Plan - Second Edition (2006)

Lygodium  Management Plan - First Edition (2001)

Brazilian Pepper Management Plan - Second Edition (2006)

Melaleuca Management Plan

Chinese Tallow Management Plan

Colubrina asiatica - Lather Leaf Management Plan


Air Potato Biological Control - NEW

Florida Keys - Australian Pines - Waterways - Part 1

Florida Keys - Australian Pines - Waterways - Part 2

1-minute Air Potato Video

1- minute Australian Pine Video

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Brevard County Invasive Plant Booklet

Control of Non-native Plants in Natural Areas of Florida by K.A. Langeland and R.K. Stocker

Management of Invasive Exotic Plants with Herbicides in Florida (pdf)

Weed Control Methods Handbook (TNC):

Old World Climbing Fern- Lygodium microphyllum


Alternative Natives Trifold

OCISMA Informational Brochure

Greener Choices - Alternatives to invasive-exotic plants

Air Potato Brochure

Stormwater Pollution

Australian Pine Brochure- "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

Tropical Soda Apple Biological Control with Gratiana boliviana


Lygodium Comparison

Old World Climbing Fern - Find it, Report it, Kill it

Climbing Fern Identification Flyer

Old World Climbing Fern (Lygodium microphyllum) FAQ's


Florida's Garden of Good and Evil
Proceedings of the 1998 Symposium of the Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council and the Florida Native Plant Society

2013 FLEPPC/SE-EPPC Joint Annual Symposium

Rack Cards

Air Potato - Brevard County
Chinese Tallow- Brevard County
Cogon Grass - Brevard County
Japanese Climbing Fern - Brevard County


Statewide Lygodium Treatment Site Evaluation Project

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Explore Your AlterNatives - Plant Substitution Guide for south Florida

FNGA Press Release - Species not recommended for propagation, sale, or use by the
                                           Florida Nurserymen and Growers Association

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Nurture Nature Activity Booklet

Exotic plant lesson plans (elementary & middle schools)

Traveling Trunk teacher's guide (elementary)

Traveling Trunk teacher's guide (middle school)